Happy Mallie ( Pineapple Cotton Candy) Wax Brittle

Happy Mallie ( Pineapple Cotton Candy) Wax Brittle



A tropical treat that's cotton candy sweet … fresh, island pineapple with a touch of sweet coconut cotton candy.

HOURS OF FLAME-FREE SCENT– Each 8 oz. package gives over 200 hours of scent time. It is suggested to melt 2 pieces at a time, and remove wax from the warmer when it no longer smells.

LONG-LASTING SCENTS – Made with our patent pending soy wax blend, Sweents wax brittle packs a punch and helps to clean every day VOCs from the air.  Sweents were invented and engineered by a Kidpreneur who sought to help her family have refreshing fragrances in their home without harming her older brothers allergies, by using candles.Sweents are melted in an electric wax warmer and provides hours of amazing allergy friendly and asthma friendly scent.

INFUSED WITH ESSENTIAL OILS – All of our Sweents are made with phthalate free fragrance oil and infused with natural essential oils, adding a touch of aromatherapy to your melting experience!