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Sweents vs. Candles

1. Sweents last longer than candles.  A 16 oz. candle lasts about 75 hours, while 8 oz. of Sweents lasts 200+ hours.    

2.  Sweents are Flameless candles, which means there's no chance of a fire because you left a candle burning.  Sweents are used in an electric warmer.  The wax melts and releases a beautiful fragrance throughout your home, office, or dorm.

Sweents vs. Candles

3.  Sweents don't generate soot on the walls near it and pollute the air you're breathing.


How many pieces should I melt first?

We suggest you start with 2-3 pieces to see how you like the strength level of any particular scent.  If it's not strong enough for you liking, you can continue to add more, just make sure not to add to many as it may overflow.

How can I remove the wax from my melter?

If your warmer has been on and your wax is liquid, take two cotton balls, sit them in the warmer, let it absorb, and discard the cotton balls into the trash can.